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beaglebone black connection error

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test test
test test on 11 Jul 2017
Answered: lukman zainudin on 28 Sep 2018
I got an error for 2017a version to connect to bbb.
>> bbb = beaglebone('','root', 'root')
Error using beaglebone (line 236) Cannot establish an SSH connection to the board with device address "", user name "root", password "root". Check if device address, user name and password are correct.
I verified the ssh connection from command line and it's working so it's not the ssh issue.

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lukman zainudin
lukman zainudin on 28 Sep 2018
The following error occurred during deployment to your hardware board: Error connecting to SSH server at
Hi, I have problem occurs when to run beaglebone black using Simulink. Anyone know how to solve it?

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