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How to put 2 subplots as 1 subplot without merging their data?

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wesleynotwise am 19 Jun. 2017
Beantwortet: Stephen Jue am 22 Jun. 2017
I have created five subplots in one figure, where the data was grouped based on the country, say: Country A, B, C, D and E.
Question: Instead of having five subplots, now I want only four subplots, where the subplots of C and D are to be merged as one subplot, i.e. subplot 1: A, subplot 2: B, subplot 3: C & D and subplot 4: E. How to modify my code below?
Condition: Although the C & D are put together, I still want their results are shown individually in the same subplot 3.
figure (01)
[u_Country, ~, idx] = unique(Table1.Country);
for k = 1:5
mask = idx == k;
f1 = gscatter(Table1.x(mask), Table1.y(mask), Table1.Country(mask), 'mgbrk', 'xxxxx');
xlim([0 100]);
ylim([20 50]);
legend(f1((u_Country(k))), 'Location', 'northeast');

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Stephen Jue
Stephen Jue am 22 Jun. 2017
If I understand correctly, you would like to create a 2 x 2 quadrant of subplots, where the 3rd (bottom left) subplot is split into two subplots.
You can do this by creating a 4 x 4 subplot and specifying the positions of each plot as a vector. Each subplot spans a 2 x 2 range of positions, except the two on the bottom left, which each span a 1 x 2 range. Here is the code:
subplot(4,4,[1 6]) % top left
subplot(4,4,[3 8]) % top right
subplot(4,4,[9 10]) % bottom left (1)
subplot(4,4,[13 14]) % bottom left (2)
subplot(4,4,[11 16]) % bottom right

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