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how to plot a solution with ratio of determinants in matlab

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Wajahat am 14 Apr. 2017
supoose a1=a-(det[y11 y21; c1*x11 c2*x21]/det[x11 x21; y11 y21]), if x11=((1+i*p/c1).^n)*exp(-i*c1*t/2), x21=((1+i*p/c2).^n)*exp(-i*c2*t/2), y11=((1-i*p/c1).^n)*exp(i*c1*t/2), y21=((1-i*p/c2).^n)*exp(i*c2*t/2), where a, p, c1, c2 are arbitrary constant and a1 are nontrivial solution.

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