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Excute ANSYS batch code by 'system' in Matlab 2016b

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Tsinghua THU
Tsinghua THU am 24 Mär. 2017
Kommentiert: Joshua am 27 Mär. 2017
I need to excute ANSYS 15.0 batch code, the code is successfully runned in the ANSYS APDL platform. However, when I used the command 'System' to call the ANSYS batch in MATLAB 2016B, the ANSYS APDL mechanical stopped running. But when I used Matlab 2012a, all things went fine. I don't know why.....
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Joshua am 27 Mär. 2017
I have not used ANSYS with Matlab, but once I had a problem with UDFs working in ANSYS Fluent before an upgrade to Windows 10 but not afterwards. It turned out that the "udf.bat" file was referencing an older version of Visual Studio. Had to copy and change a few lines of code to make sure it looked for more than one version of Visual Studio. Could be something similar with another file looking at the old version of Matlab. Make sure it is looking for 2016 and not 2012.

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