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How can I label contour lines in meshc 3D-plot?

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Ibrahim Wasiq
Ibrahim Wasiq am 28 Feb. 2017
Kommentiert: Ibrahim Wasiq am 2 Mär. 2017
I have made a 3D-plot using meshc. I want to add labels to the contour lines. The handle return by the meshc is
h =
2x1 graphics array:
So I have tried to edit the properties using following command but it didn't work.
What is the right way to do it? Thanks
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Ibrahim Wasiq
Ibrahim Wasiq am 2 Mär. 2017
I used the following code to adjust the height of contour plot above/below the mesh plot and adding labels to contour plot.
hContour.ContourZLevel=-15; %Default (-10)
hContour.ShowText='on'; %Default ('off')
hContour.LevelStep=2.5; %Default (2.0)

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Star Strider
Star Strider am 28 Feb. 2017
I would use a separate call to contour. You may have to experiment with the approach in Yair Altman’s Undocumented MATLAB article Customizing contour plots part 2 to put the contour plot on the same plane as the contours drawn by the meshc function.
When you get your code working, consider generalising your code to a function and then contribute it to the File Exchange. It seems useful.

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