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Subfolders in Creating a Framework (ARM Cortex M4)

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Armend Gecaj
Armend Gecaj am 19 Feb. 2017
Hi all,
i am trying to develop a board in simulink to donwload simulink modells to my TWR-K60 Board.
1. Step) Create a framework 2. Step) Specify the hardware 3. Step) Add a Deployment
Now if test it, then i become the message (at the command window) that my deployer did not passed. So step 3 failed.
After looking at mathworks documentation i found the following line: "Add all required source, header, and library files into their respective directories of the targetrootfolder."
If i look closer then i can find also this one:
Subfolder of the folder for the target: - scr: C or C++ source files that integrate with generated code - include: C or C++ header files that integrate with generated code. - lib: Libraries that integrate with generated code
If i understand it right, i have to put something in folders scr, include and lib. But what??? I know there is written: "scr --> C or C++ source files that integrate with generated code". But what exactly does that mean???
Here is a link of the describe of creating a framework. Look at Point 5. (at the bottom)
Have someone any idea?
Thank you very much! Best Regards

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