How to read .nc files that are located in multiple folders (sub-subfolders with similar name).

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In my case, 'Main' folder has 16 subfolders (2002, 2003, ..., 2017), while each subfolder have 365 sub-subfolders (001, 002, ..., 365), except subfolder 2002 as it start in 152. Subfolders 2004 and 2016 have 366 sub-subfolders instead of 365 as they are leap years. Subfolder 2017 only have 31 sub-subfolders. In each sub-subfolder there 2 files, one of them is .nc, which is the file that I need to read and analyze. files have different names. Here is an example of these files location...
Your suggestions are welcome!

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KSSV am 2 Feb. 2017
This is not a new question, this question has been asked multiple times and it is discussed to death in mathworks. There are lot of links which give a help on this. You may refer the above links. Mostly people asked reading images, text files in the folder. In your case it is nc. You have to use ncread to read nc files. Also read about ncinfo, ncdisp.

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