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Replacement of corr2 for standalone code generation.

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Hamza Idris
Hamza Idris am 9 Jan. 2017
Bearbeitet: Adam am 9 Jan. 2017
I have a code to correlate 2 images it works fine on pc but when I am trying to get it on raspberry pi it gives me this error
The extrinsic function 'corr2' is not available for standalone code generation. It must be eliminated for stand-alone code to be generated. It could not be eliminated because its outputs appear to influence the calling function. Fix this error by not using 'corr2' or by ensuring that its outputs are unused.
please ans it soon
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Adam am 9 Jan. 2017
Bearbeitet: Adam am 9 Jan. 2017
Program your own version? It looks like a trivial function.

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