SURF points in the video?

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muhammad faiz
muhammad faiz on 22 Dec 2016
Commented: muhammad faiz on 22 Dec 2016
How do i plot SURF points in the video? i need to visually look at the points by frame. please help
muhammad faiz
muhammad faiz on 22 Dec 2016
Basically, i would like to do a detection by SURF method in real time and i'm using 'imaq.VideoDevice' to do some real recording.
In every image frame of the real time video, i need to plot the SURF points in every frame.
should i use 'Imshow(image); hold on; and Plot the points in every frame?
or are there any efficient method?
*this is my code*
vidDevice = imaq.VideoDevice('winvideo',1); videoPlayerIn = vision.VideoPlayer;
%% nFrames = 1; while (nFrames<400) rgbData = step(vidDevice); greyimage=rgb2gray(rgbData); points = detectSURFFeatures(greyimage); imshow(greyimage);hold on; strongestPoints = points.selectStrongest(10); strongestPoints.plot('ShowScale',true);
nFrames = nFrames + 1;

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