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Hold plot after each push button press GUI

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Tyler Murray
Tyler Murray on 13 Dec 2016
Commented: Tyler Murray on 14 Dec 2016
I am trying to implement a "hold on" feature in my gui where the user can select and set of data and plot it on the same graph as the previous data. I saw one forum on here that helped but I am running into an issue. The code is:
ah = findobj(0,'Type','axes','Tag','MyPlotAxes');
if isempty(ah)
fh = figure('Name','Simulation','NumberTitle','off');
ah = axes('Parent',fh, 'Tag', 'MyPlotAxes');
hold(ah, 'on');
plot(ah, x, y);
The two sets of data do plot on one graph, however the axes of the figure becomes pasted as the background of the GUI. I have tried redefining the axes specific to each plot but have had no luck.


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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 13 Dec 2016
Why are you drawing/plotting to a figure rather than adding an axes to your GUI (and plotting the data there)?
Tyler Murray
Tyler Murray on 13 Dec 2016
This is my first time working with a GUI and I don't know how to do it any other way haha
Tyler Murray
Tyler Murray on 14 Dec 2016
I'm all set I believe. It was because I wasn't specifying xlabel(axis, 'Words'). Thanks for everyone's help.

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