Usin third party java classes in compiled gui

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David Rising
David Rising am 13 Dez. 2016
Kommentiert: Swarup am 15 Mai 2017
Hello Matlab Community! So I have started using third party java classes inside my gui development which I then compile and distribute internally at my company for others to use. Everything runs fine inside the uncompiled code but the compiled code can't seem to find the appropriate class. In my code I specify the dynamic java path to the folder in which I have placed the class file and am using the '-v1' output from that function to show me which paths are being added. This output doesn't come up in the compiled version. So, to break it down:
1. I have my class in a subdirectory of the main directory where the target file is
2. In my code I use the javaclasspath function to specify this subdirectory (this works in the uncompiled version)
3. In the compiler I have tried -I and specifying the directory and -a and specifying the class file specifically but I always get the same error when I try to start the program: Undefined function 'LookupFieldCellEditor' for input arguments of type 'java.util.Hashtable'. (So now you know which class I am using! :) )
Any thoughts? Does javaclasspath not worked on deployed programs? I haven't found anything in the javaclasspath documentation about using it in deployed applications, but then again, I may have simply overlooked something. Thanks!
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Swarup am 15 Mai 2017
Same problem as above. After I used the isdeployed switch but endup getting the same error as mentioned by David.
Any pointers please..
if true
if ~isdeployed
jpth = '';

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