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Reset Default Initial Working Directory

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Elijah Rockers
Elijah Rockers on 4 Nov 2016
I'm having a strange problem. For some reason my MATLAB is starting in the same working directory every time I open it, instead of the present working directory. I have checked startup.m, and even changed the directory to be something else through the GUI preference dialogue, but no matter what, it always goes to the same specific folder when I start it. When another user SSH into my machine and runs MATLAB, he does not experience this problem. How can I best find out what's going on? Is there a way to debug this?
When I open matlab via terminal, I would like it to start in the PWD.

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Andoni Medina Murua
Andoni Medina Murua on 14 Mar 2017
Hi Elijah
Have a look to this link:
I had the same problem than you, but I solved it using this:
"METHOD 2 (only for Windows):
On the PC you can also set the Shortcut properties of the MATLAB icon to specify a 'Start in' directory. To do so, right-click on the MATLAB icon and select 'Properties'. Select the 'Shortcut' tab and place the directory that you wish to have MATLAB start in into the 'Start in' field of the icon's properties."


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