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Is changing the 'KernelScale' in the fitcsvm equivalent to changing the sigma value?

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I am using this command:
cl3 = fitcsvm(X,Y,'KernelFunction','rbf', 'Standardize',true,'BoxConstraint',10,'ClassNames',[-1,1]);
to run the Gaussian Radial Bias kernel. I understand that the default value for sigma = 1. I was told that in order to change the sigma value, use this command:
cl3 = fitcsvm(X, Y, 'KernelFunction', 'rbf', 'KernelScale', 0.2, 'Standardize', true, 'BoxConstraint', 100, 'ClassNames', [-1,1]);
In this case, the sigma value can now be changed by modifying the 'KernelScale'. Is this a correct statement?
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Aniket Borkar
Aniket Borkar am 16 Dez. 2016
But where can we set the C and sigma value? Box constraint =100 and kernel scale =0.2. How does these settings can vary C and sigma?
Akshar Agarwal
Akshar Agarwal am 23 Jun. 2017
the C value is the box constraint. It is called box constraint because it sets bounds on the lagrange multipliers in the actual function.

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