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Keyboard remapping in live editor not working.

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Andrew Capon
Andrew Capon am 9 Okt. 2016
Kommentiert: jlw am 30 Okt. 2023
Hi guys,
I'm on a mac here and have remapped the begin and end keys to "begin line" and "end line" in matlab.
I have also removed these keys from "begin doc" and "end doc".
This works perfectly in the main editor and command windows but is totally ignored in the live editor where the original "begin doc" and "end doc" are still mapped to the keys.
Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
Thanks for any help
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Keisuke UTO
Keisuke UTO am 20 Apr. 2022
I'm suffering from the same problem in 2022a.
shortcut customization doesn't affect live editor.
jlw am 30 Okt. 2023
Same issue, still in R2023b. I remap home/end to move begin/end line and similar for shift+home/end for select begin/end line.

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