importdata: index exceeds matrix dimensions

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Alex on 4 Oct 2016
Edited: Walter Roberson on 11 Oct 2016
My script works fine on my personal computer at home running Matlab student 2010(a or b), but does not work on my machine at the College running MatLab 2012b.
"Index exceeds matrix dimensions." at rays=importdata(hnam{1});%rays=4; %%%%%FAILS HERE
clear all
% the data
proot='Plane.*';% FOLDER template
hroot='Data.txt'; % <- your FILENAME template
% the engine
hnam=cellfun(@(x) sprintf('%s%s%s',x,filesep,hroot),d,'uni',false);
%%%%variable for number of traces
rays=importdata(hnam{1});%rays=4; %%%%%FAILS HERE

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Marc Jakobi
Marc Jakobi on 5 Oct 2016
It fails because there is probably no file or folder that matches 'Plane.*' in the current folder on your uni machine. So dir(proot) returns an empty cell.
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Alex Cushley
Alex Cushley on 11 Oct 2016
Thanks for the suggestion, but I already checked that there was at least one file called Plane*. I had Plane1-Plane100 in the folder, but moved them to another directory and am using Plane101 as a test dataset for now. My working directory is: /home/cushley/Documents/MATLAB/test_B_para.
What do you mean by "uni machine"? I was working on a Windows box, but have now had it fail at the same line on both my Windows and Ubuntu workstations.

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Alex Cushley
Alex Cushley on 11 Oct 2016
I found my mistake. It should be "Plane*", not "Plane.*"
It was working on my other machine so I must have hit the "." button by accident at some point after transferring it to my other machine, hit "run" and that auto-saved the typo.
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