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How do you find Fcritical after an ANOVA analysis?

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Helen Kirby
Helen Kirby am 9 Sep. 2016
Using the Statistical Toolbox one does an ANOVA analysis to find F calculated (as well as some other stuff). One must then go on to look up F critical in the F table. Then you look to see if F calculated is greater than F critical and if it is you reject the null hypothesis - or make other decisions. I was told that ML does not have F tables and I find that very hard to believe. Is that true? A genius(yes, I mean that sincerely) at ML found an equation for me which works but I find it very hard to believe that you cannot give an ML function an alpha, a level-1, and an N-level and you get your F critical out. This is at the very heart of statistics, is it true you can't do this?

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