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Imposing a constraint on a set of ode's

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Yazan Ahed
Yazan Ahed on 29 Aug 2016
Edited: Yazan Ahed on 8 Jan 2017
Say I want to solve the following set of ode's:
dx_i/dt = f1(x_i,y);
dy/dt = f2(x_i,y);
subject to: sum(a_i*x_i) = 0;
How would you code such condition?
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Torsten on 29 Aug 2016
Choose x1(0)=x2(0)=x3(0)=0 as initial conditions for x1, x2 and x3.
Then your constraint is satisfied.
And my proposition is that if
[a1 a3 a2], [a2,a1,a3] and [a3 a2 a1] are linearly independent vectors, this is the only solution.
Best wishes

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