How to generate C/C++ Shared Library for Linux 32-bit target from Linux 64-bit Host?

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I am working in a Matlab design and I have intend to use the Matlab Coder for Linux 32 bits target. However, the Matlab Coder provide support only to generate shared library for Linux 64 bits target. Then I made a workaround to generate shared library via Matlab Coder with the following changes (adding –m32 flag) in makefile (*.mk), such as:
- CFLAGS = -m32 -c $(ANSI_OPTS) -fPIC -O0 $(CDEBUG)
- CPP_SHAREDLIB_LDFLAGS = -m32 -shared -Wl,-rpath,"$(MATLAB_ARCH_BIN)",-L"$(MATLAB_ARCH_BIN)" -Wl,--no-undefined $(CPPLDDEBUG)
I am wondering, if I can change the makefile in order to cross-compile for Linux 32 bits target and why the Matlab does not provide by default this setting? And, what can I lose (performance, possible problems, etc.) with it workaround?
Below it follows my environment settings:
- Host: Linux 64 bits (Debian 8.3), kernel 3.16.0
- Matlab: (R2016A)
- Matlab Coder: Version 3.1 (R2016a)
- Target: Linux 32 bits, kernel 2.6.32
Thank in advance,

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Raghu Boggavarapu
Raghu Boggavarapu on 26 Nov 2021
You can use coder.updateBuildInfo to add custom compiler flags. In your case its '-m32' .


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