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hi, i use code contain the following code . i need the output for the following code dont display in output ?

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for i=1:mm
whos temp1
temp2 = nonzeros(temp1);
whos temp2
temp3 = unique(temp2);
whos temp3
whos temp4
temp5 = length(temp3);
whos temp5
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mohammed elmenshawy
mohammed elmenshawy am 23 Aug. 2016
I want this screen does not appear absolutely, because it takes a large space in command window . As was used ; after the variable because prevent him from appearing. Is there a way to prevent the latest screen from appearing on command window

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KSSV am 24 Aug. 2016
As you see there is whos used in the code...(whos temp1 etc.,). whos lists in alphabetical order the names, sizes, and types of all variables in the currently active workspace. So to avoid that listitng you comment (%) the lines starting with whos.

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