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How to translate 32-bit number to float number

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wenlong on 28 Jul 2016
Commented: wenlong on 1 Aug 2016
The acquired data is expressed as '6D61803F', this may be a little-endian. I translated it to '3F80616D', then I got the float number 1.002973, this was the real data!
Now I used
q = quantizer(q);
hex2num(q, '6D61803F') or hex2num(q, '3F80616D')
Both of those did not get the real one!
What's the problem?


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Jul 2016
Please show the struct q that you are passing to quantize() to create the quantizer object.
wenlong on 29 Jul 2016
q =
DataMode = fixed
RoundMode = floor
OverflowMode = saturate
Format = [16 15]
Sorry about q = quantizer(q); it should be q = quantizer

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Jul 2016
>> q = quantizer; q.quantize(1.002973)
Warning: 1 overflow(s) occurred in the fi quantize operation.
> In embedded.quantizer/quantize (line 77)
ans =
You are exceeding the range of the quantizer.
>> q.numeric2hex(1.002973)
ans =
You are providing more hex digits than fit into the quantizer.
A [16 15] quantizer is a total of 16 bits long.
I would suggest that you need
q = quantizer('mode', 'single');
hex2num(q, '3F80616D')
ans =


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