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Disturbance input in MIMO LTI system

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Diarmaid am 28 Jun. 2016
Hello! I want to be able to specify disturbance inputs for a MIMO LTI model as given below:
L1 = (2.3e-3)+(0.93e-3);
r1 = 0.4;
fs = 50;
w = 2*pi*fs;
Kp_pi = 0.001;
Ki_pi = r1/L1;
pi_tf = tf([Kp_pi Kp_pi*Ki_pi],[1 0]);
C_i = pi_tf;
Gpi = [C_i 0;0 C_i];
Gpi.u = 'e';
Gpi.y = {'ud','uq'};
Kfilt = (1/((((L1*s) + r1)^2)+((w*L1)^2)));
Gfilt = Kfilt*[s*L1+r1 w*L1 -(s*L1+r1) -w*L1;
-w*L1 s*L1+r1 w*L1 -(s*L1+r1)];
Gfilt.u = {'ud','uq','vgd','vgq'};
Gfilt.y = 'i1';
sum1 = sumblk('e = r-i1',2);
CLsys= connect(Gpi,Gfilt,sum1,'r','i1');
When I run the code I receive a warning that the inputs 'vgd' and 'vgq' are not used. I want to be able to specify these values directly as they are disturbance setpoints for the system.
Any help is appreciated,cheers!

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