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Beaglebone Black keeps crashing every time I use the beaglebone udp receiver simulink block and update its value with the udp send block

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David Martinez-Nunez
David Martinez-Nunez on 26 Jun 2016
If I run a very simple model (just a udp receive block and a pwm block for beaglebone black) either in external mode simulation or after having build and deployed the model into the board, the beaglebone crashes if I send it signals manually from another simulink model (sender block fed with a constant that I modify through the slider in an aplication developed with the appdesigner).
Is there any specific update i should make in the OS of the beaglebone? it seems that the problem of crashing (can't access through any interface usb0 or eth0) is related with kernel configuration.
Many thanks
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David Martinez-Nunez
David Martinez-Nunez on 26 Jun 2016
In addition to this previous question, I think the problem is related with the amount of udp data being sent from the simulink model. After a wireshark capture, the udp sender block continuosly sends udp messages even if there are no changes in the values sent.
After having changed the sample time of the constant block to a "very big" value the problem seems to be solved.
Is there a way of just sending udp messages when a change is performed (for example when modifying the value through a 'slider')?
Thanks again.

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