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How to read pxt file from igor with Matlab?

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Sandy Ekahana
Sandy Ekahana am 25 Apr. 2016
Kommentiert: Sandy Ekahana am 3 Mai 2016
Anyone has any experience in reading pxt file from igor with matlab? The pxt file is matrix with several lines of information at the end part. Matlab can only read the information part but it returns unreadable characters on the matrix part.

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Dave Behera
Dave Behera am 2 Mai 2016
You will need to use Activex to load them in Igor and export it to txt format for use in MATLAB:
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Sandy Ekahana
Sandy Ekahana am 3 Mai 2016
Hi Dave
Yes I have igor and I have tried to convert it to txt. However, the problem is I have hundres of pxt files which will be cumbersome if they are all to be converted manually (one by one). I am not that familiar with igor either and so far cannot find if there is any way to convert it in bulk from igor to txt (thus I asked if anyway to read directly from matlab). Thx for the link btw

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