How do I create relative paths for functions packaged into Apps?

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Meade am 13 Apr. 2016
Kommentiert: Meade am 15 Apr. 2016
I have created a programmatic gui that will be deployed to our team through the 'Package App' functionality. This gui has help calls to a folder of HTML Help files that I created outside of Matlab. However, since the user folder structure will obviously vary from computer to computer, how do I robustly reference their paths.
I'm guessing this will have something to do with the ctfroot command to ID where the user installed the App, but the help documentation is pretty vague.
Any help is greatly appreciated!
Exemplar code:
function helpCallback(CurrMouseOverObj,~)
page = CurrMouseOverObj; % Passed into function
path = 'C:\Users\JohnQ\Documents\Help'; % Need to make this relative
web(fullfile(path,[page,'.html']),'-new') % HTML pages & uicontrol tags have same name

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Yuebin Zhou
Yuebin Zhou am 15 Apr. 2016
Would putting another field on the GUI which enables users to specify the path themselves be a good idea?
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Meade am 15 Apr. 2016
@Yuebin Zhou Good thought, but then the user would have to copy/install the help files separately since they would not be accessible within the packaged app.
I would like to make this as transparent to the user as possible.

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