How to view confusion matrix of neural network?

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Explorer am 5 Apr. 2016
I have created it using npr tool. I also want to plot following things of the network.
There were options to view all these plots after training but I did not saved them at that time. How can I see those plots and confusion matrix now.
Mat file is attached in which there is a network I am talking about.
load it and see if you can let me know the things mentioned above.

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Alexandra Tzilivaki
Alexandra Tzilivaki am 5 Apr. 2016
Bearbeitet: Alexandra Tzilivaki am 5 Apr. 2016
If you have saved t(=targets), y=(outputs), x(=inputs), net and tr then simply plot:
% Plots
figure; plotconfusion(t,y);
figure; plotperform(tr);
figure; plottrainstate(tr);
figure; ploterrhist(e);
figure; plotfit(net,x,t);
figure; plotregression(t,y);
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Greg Heath
Greg Heath am 19 Apr. 2016
Nice Answer.
Pradya Panyainkaew
Pradya Panyainkaew am 22 Apr. 2018
Hell Greg
Are there any method to show only alll confusion matrix?

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