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Graphing values from excel in Matlab plot

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Ibro Tutic
Ibro Tutic on 28 Feb 2016
Commented: Walter Roberson on 29 Feb 2016
Hi, I am working on a bifurcation diagram for one of my classes. We had a lab where we test different c values and see what happens to the orbits (not really important to this question). Anyway, I have set up an excel spread sheet with value for C in one column, and values for the points starting in the d column. Almost none of the values have a single one to one correspondence with the c value (one c value has multiple values that it needs to be plotted with). What I need to do is plot the c values on the x-axis and the rest of the orbit on the y-axis, any thoughts? I attached my spreadsheet with the relevant data (ignore the behavior column).


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Ibro Tutic
Ibro Tutic on 29 Feb 2016
I'm not sure if the ordering of the values matter. With the example you provided, I just need the plot to contain the 4 points plotted at -1.257... on the x-axis. I think I have an idea and I will comment back once I test it out. Thanks!
Ibro Tutic
Ibro Tutic on 29 Feb 2016
[raw,txt] = xlsread('C:\Users\it58528\Downloads\Chaos .xlsx');
for i=1:length(raw)
plot(raw(i,1),[raw(i,3), raw(i,4), raw(i,5), raw(i,6), raw(i,8), raw(i,9), raw(i,10), raw(i,11), raw(i,12), raw(i,13), raw(i,14)],'*')
hold on;
I got this to work. Kind of crude, but it does the job. Thanks for the help!
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Feb 2016
plot(raw(i,1), raw(i,3:14), '*')
would be shorter.

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