How to plot stacked bar in Matlab with showing each limit ?

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AFAQ AHMAD am 27 Nov. 2015
Kommentiert: dpb am 28 Nov. 2015
I am looking a code in Matlab to plot the stacked bar graph (like in the picture).
This stacked bar graph is also labelled (inside the graph) with the limits.
I try to solve same problem in excel but the limits labelling is problem?
Please if any one knows the code please share it.

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dpb am 27 Nov. 2015
>> Y = [5 1 2; 8 3 7; 9 6 8; 5 5 5; 4 2 3]; % sample data from bar example...
>> Z=cumsum(Y,2); % bar cumulative heights for positioning
>> X=repmat([1:5].',1,3); % x locations for each Y
>> bar(Y,'stack') % base stacked bar
>> colormap(copper) % change color map
>> arrayfun(@(x,y,z) text(x,y,num2str(z), ...
'horizontalalign','center', ...
'verticalalign','top', ...
'color','w'), ...
X,Z,Y) % write the labels for each subset
Salt to suit colors, locations. Use average of the bar height plus lower to center vertically, for example. >>
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dpb am 28 Nov. 2015
Simplest is probably two steps; first use the bottoms which would be
Ybot=[zeros(1,size(Y,2)); Y(1:end-1,:)];
with X,Z as defined above excepting use 'verticalalign','bottom' to write above that height. Then the above to do the tops. NB: you'll have "issues" with short blocks such as the middle of the leftmost bar that doesn't have enough height to display both elements at the same x-axis position. An alternative would be to use the average height for the y location and write both limits as
num2str([ZL,ZU],'%d - %d')
where ZL,ZU are the two lower, upper array locations described above. You'd then have one call to arrayfun but four dummy arguments instead of three.

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