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Writing outputs from a 3D matrix loop

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Robert am 5 Nov. 2015
I have a 3D matrix 35,43,144
I want to run the following code such that it performs the function element by element through the 3rd dimension (using 144 data points) I want this to be done for every pixel giving me 1505 outputs (35x43)
p = load ('JPLCSRmean.mat')
GRACE = p.datamean
ncol = size(GRACE,2);
for i = 1:144
for j = 1:43
for k = 1:35
[c,l] = wavedec(GRACE(i,j,k),4,'dmey');
al = appcoef(c,l,'dmey',1);
%[cD1,cD2,cD3,cD4,cD5,cD6] = detcoef(c,l,[1,2,3,4,5,6]);
D = [];
%D(:,6)= wrcoef('a',c,l,'dmey',6);
%D(:,5) = wrcoef('a',c,l,'dmey',5);
D(:,4) = wrcoef('a',c,l,'dmey',4);
D(:,3) = wrcoef('a',c,l,'dmey',3);
D(:,2) = wrcoef('a',c,l,'dmey',2);
D(:,1) = wrcoef('a',c,l,'dmey',1);
filename = sprintf('%s_%04f.txt', 'GRACE_APROXIMATIONS', k)
I think it is running allright but the outputs aren't saving properly, I think it is to do with where I have 'k' in this line
filename = sprintf('%s_%04f.txt', 'GRACE_APROXIMATIONS', k)
What can I replace 'k' with to give me 1505 outputs of 35x43? At the moment I am just getting 35 files that save over each other
I have tried adding another for loop with m = 1:1505 and replacing k with m but this has not helped.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 5 Nov. 2015
Why 1505 outputs that size rather than 144 outputs?

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Federico Becattini
Federico Becattini am 5 Nov. 2015
you are giving a filename using only k to make different files. Of course this does not consider the value of i and j and hence you are creating 35 files that are overwritten 1505 times. To make more outputs you have to create files with names that take into account both i and j. Something like
filename = sprintf('%s_%d_%d.txt', 'GRACE_APROXIMATIONS', i, j)
filename = sprintf('%s_%d_%d_%d.txt', 'GRACE_APROXIMATIONS', i, j, k)


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