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Simulink build succeeding in R2011b but failing in R2014b due to missing library rt_nonfinite.h

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So I have 2 Matlab and simulink installations running on my opensuse computer running. For some reason I can build my model on R2011b without a hitch but on R2014b it doesn't work. The error I'm getting is that rt_nonfinite.h can not be found.
There was an occurrence where I WAS able to build in R2014b by building it in R2011b first but I can't seem to reproduce this.
Anyone able to help me out on this? Keep using 2011b is not an option.

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Madhu Govindarajan
Madhu Govindarajan am 29 Okt. 2015
Have you tried setting the non-finite numbers parameter to be enabled in Interface tab in Code Generation???
This can happen when migrating from older release to newer releases, follow Upgrade Advisor to avoid future issues (if the suggestion above fixes the issue :-) ).


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