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Troubling building simulink model due to newer C-API

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Nick am 27 Okt. 2015
I'm having some issues getting Etherlab to play nice with my very simple simulink model. It refuses to compile.
At first I was receiving the error that rt_nonfinite.h could not be found. After some searching it turned out that it did not exists in the src folder of simulink coder (rtw). I managed to find the source file online and copied it into the folder and the error disappeared.
The rumor is that I need to fall back to a compatibility mode for the C-API. Any ideas how?
The problem that I have now is that it won't compile and it won't show what the error is. I get a bunch of warnings which are fine but the error is not visible.
The last line reads gmake: * [hrt_main.o] Error 1
I've been stuck trying to figure this out for a more than a day now and I can't get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm not familiar with debugging of compilers so a nudge in the right direction would help a lot!

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