how to perform ANOVA on a matrix

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Niki am 17 Sep. 2015
Beantwortet: Thorsten am 17 Sep. 2015
Actually i want to plot the interaction and mean of a matrix by ANOVA. For example I have a matrix like below
X = rand(100,150);
there are 100 samples and 150 columns. I want to perform ANOVA and plot all interaction as well as I want to see which column is statistically significantly different from others.
Can someone help me here?

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David Legland
David Legland am 17 Sep. 2015
If you want to test whether two column have same mean or not, you can check the ttest or ttest2 functions.
[h12, p12] = ttest2(X(:,1), X(:,2));
You can iterate over pairs of columns to identify which ones gives a positive true value for h_ij, or alternatively check which pairs results in low p-values.
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Niki am 17 Sep. 2015
yes, for sure, but I am searching for interaction and comparison between all columns and rows of the given example matrix. The ttest2 is just for a pair of columns

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Thorsten am 17 Sep. 2015
If you have the Statistics toolbox, check out

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