how to do intersection between 3 vectors?

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Sahar abdalah
Sahar abdalah am 6 Aug. 2015
Kommentiert: KAE am 1 Jul. 2021
hello, I want to obtain the intersection between 3 vector as fellow :
A = [1,3,8,5];
B = [4,1,6,8];
C= [5,8,7,1];
the result should be :
But I obtain this error, please help me to solve this problem and thanks in advance.
Error using intersect (line 101)
Invalid input. Valid flags are 'rows', 'stable', 'sorted', 'legacy', 'R2012a'.
Error in testerr (line 4)

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek am 6 Aug. 2015
A = [1,3,8,5];
B = [4,1,6,8];
C= [5,8,7,1];

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