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How to loop string files in the IBWread function.

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navan am 26 Jun. 2015
Kommentiert: navan am 27 Jun. 2015
I am using IBWread function to convert igor file to matlap workspace. I would like to know how can i loop the script from 1 to 5 for ii and 2to 6 for jj. I use the following code.
for ii=1:5
Data = IBWread('%d.ibw',ii);% i want IBWread('1.ibw')
Data1 = IBWread('%d.ibw',jj);
I want to run IBWread('1.ibw') in my first iteration to IBWread('5.ibw') to my last iteration. But my code shows error. Kindly help.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 26 Jun. 2015
for ii=1:5
for jj=2:6
Data = IBWread(sprintf('%d.ibw',ii));% i want IBWread('1.ibw')
Data1 = IBWread(sprintf('%d.ibw',jj));
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navan am 27 Jun. 2015
Dear Roberson,
Thanks alot for your help. It worked well. Thanks again

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