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Why no output from standalone application when run in Windows?

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KAE am 6 Mär. 2024
Bearbeitet: KAE am 7 Mär. 2024
How can I see the output from a standalone application compiled from Matlab, when I run the application in Windows?
Here's what I tried, but no output is shown. First, the mfile,
function [numOutput1, numOutput2, strOutput1, strOutput2] = test_compiled1(numInput1, numInput2, strInput1, strInput2)
% Convert inputs to numeric
if isstr(numInput1)
numInput1 = str2double(numInput1);
if isstr(numInput2)
numInput2 = str2double(numInput2);
% Do something with inputs and outputs
numOutput1 = numInput1.^numInput2;
numOutput2 = numInput1 - numInput2;
strOutput1 = [strInput1 '_' strInput2];
strOutput2 = [strInput2 '_' strInput1];
%% Return the output by displaying the results
disp([num2str(numOutput1) ' ' num2str(numOutput2) ' ' strOutput1 ' ' strOutput2 ])
When I run it in Matlab, it displays the output,
test_compiled1(2, 3, 'a', 'b')
8 -1 a_b b_a
Then I compile it as follows,
fileMatlab = 'test_compiled1.m';
buildResults =;
In Windows, I navigate to the directory that test_compiled1.exe is in, and run it as follows,
.\test_compiled1.exe 2 3 "a" "b"
Nothing is displayed and it takes ~30 seconds to run. Putting a and b in single quotes or no quotes at all doesn't change this. And if I pipe the output to a log file and an error file, both are empty.
.\test_compiled1.exe 2 3 "a" "b" >output.log 2>error.log
How can I see the output of this standalone application from Windows?

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KAE am 7 Mär. 2024
Bearbeitet: KAE am 7 Mär. 2024
The solution had nothing to do with the code. I had multiple copies of test_compiled1.exe in different directories. When I deleted them all, compiled as shown above, then ran it from the Windows command line, it successfully displayed the output or piped it to a log file, though it does take 11 seconds to run and only 1 s when I run the mfile in Matlab.
I won't delete this question in case it helps someone who needs a simple example.

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