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Ensuring each node becoming as CH exactly one time in LEACH

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NALLARASU KRISH am 2 Mär. 2024
I am implementing my LEACH protocol. I want each of 100 nodes become as a CH exactly one time or in one round among 100 rounds. Below is the code snippet for CH making. In this code nodes become multiple time as CH, but i want exactly once. How to make it. Selecting one node uniquely based on probability in each round seems tricky.
close all;
clear all;
num_nodes = 100;
rounds = 100;
probability_threshold = 0.1;
% Initialize cluster heads
cluster_heads = zeros(rounds, num_nodes);
for r = 1:rounds
% Select cluster heads probabilistically
for i = 1:num_nodes
if rand <= probability_threshold %need to make exactly one node satisfy the condition
cluster_heads(r, i) = 1; % Node becomes a cluster head
Pls clarify!

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