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Manage powerpoint on Matlab

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Ortinomax am 15 Apr. 2015
Kommentiert: Ashwini More am 3 Feb. 2020
Part of my job is now to create powerpoint with a lot of figure which "that is good ..." "that is not..". And all of the figure came from Matlab. I spent time to copy/paste one by one (and resizing since my Matlab figure are big). I searched how to automate this but I didn't find the keys.
Apparently, it involves the COM Auomation but I don't find documentation on it.
I found those things, which looked helpful but...
I tried to copy-past the saveppt code (my trash.m file), but I get an error (although the file exist) :
??? Invoke Error, Dispatch Exception: Le fichier spécifié est introuvable.
op = invoke(ppt.Presentations,'Open','validation_ppt.pptx',[],[],0);
in english : The specified file is missing.
I don't find any documentation on this. So I'm blocked.
If someone tells me : "Hey, here there is a pdf file on COM Automation server which explain how it works in Matlab." I would be happy.
(I don't really searched an answer on my present issue, since it will only be the first of the list. But how to get find documentation.)
EDIT : I linked the wrong file.
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Ortinomax am 16 Apr. 2015
Thanks Sebastian Castro
One solution lead to another problem. So i'm stuck again. I tried to have my figure copied in the clipboard and then paste on the powerpoint.
ppt = actxserver('powerpoint.application');
slide3=myPres.Slides.Item(3); % slect the slide 3
myFIg=figure(); %create the figure to test
plot([0 1],[1 1],'m');
print('-dmeta',myFIg) % copy to clipboard
% past to the slide 3, and get the handles of the picture (useful to resize, move...)
It works, and almost good. But when I do the same manually (Figure>Edit>Copy Figure then Powerpoint>Paste), the picture has transparency. It needs the transparency back.
I thought it could be done with optional argument of the PasteSpecial method. But I need to pass an PpPasteDataType argument, and everything I tried fail (Type Mismatch).
Any help would be appreciated.
Ashwini  More
Ashwini More am 3 Feb. 2020
I am working on adding images to existing powerpoint with matlab code. Your code helps me but instead of plotting figure in matlab, I have to add only .jpg figure.
So how can I change this code so that it will help me to copy specific image at specified location?
Any help would be appreciated!!

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro am 15 Apr. 2015

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