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Changing the value of column in a file if matches certain criteria of another value

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Hi Folks,
I am new in programming. I have 2 text files. the file xx has 4 columns and the file yy has 2 columns.
What I want to do is reading file yy and if any row mathes the values of row (column 2 and column 3) of file xx, then changes the value of column 4 in the file xx to a number 99 instead of its original value.
Thanks in advance

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Daniel am 8 Sep. 2023
Bearbeitet: Daniel am 8 Sep. 2023
You can approach programming problems in the same basic way as word problems in math or science.
What do you need to do? You've stated that.
What are components in that?
  1. You need to read files. You need to read xx and yy.
  2. You need to store the data from xx and yy inside the MATLAB workspace.
  3. You need to compare data in yy to data in xx.
How far have you gotten? What specifically do you need help with? Do you know how to read files into a data matrix? Do you know how to access regions of a matrix by index? Do you know how to write a for loop?
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Salim am 10 Sep. 2023
Bearbeitet: Walter Roberson am 10 Sep. 2023
Dear @Daniel,
below is attached my trial with the .m file and the input files.
Many thanks in advance.
Daniel am 10 Sep. 2023
Hi @Salim,
Please perform the steps in my reply Once you have done so, let me know the results. The error in your code can be found by following the suggestion in my comment. Once the error is identified we can discuss how to fix it, if the solution isn't clear from my previous comments.

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