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How to get ARM Cortex-A UDP Send Block to compile if used with specified local ip port (Error: The requested address is not valid in its context)

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I'm trying to generate code for an Arm Cortex A8 with Embedded Coder using QEMU as hardware board. The simulink model looks like this:
If I build the model with the UDP Send block configuration like this:
code generation works fine and once loaded and launched on the target, data is send via udp correctly.
However, if I try to specify the IP source port like this:
I get an error in the diagnostic viewer saying:
Error in 'QMU4/UDP Send': Die angeforderte Adresse ist in diesem Kontext ungültig
wich translates to:
" The requested address is not valid in its context".
Inspecting the code from the working example it seems that the error is likely originating from sdspToNetwork s-function. Being a precompiled mex function of matlab it does not seem to be possible to debug this for me.
Is there any solution to either fix this error or to specify the local port IP in another way?
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