How to calculate and plot this pcolor plot?

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Ashfaq Ahmed
Ashfaq Ahmed am 25 Mai 2023
Kommentiert: Ashfaq Ahmed am 26 Mai 2023
Hi, I have a 3D matrix of 1100x800x764 size. This forms a 1100 by 800 grid cell with 764 different samples.
I want to calculate every single grid cell's mean value to create a 2D mean 1100x800 grid cell. The pcolor plot should satisfy this condition -
It means, every pixel's mean value should be greater or equal than the ratio of the standard deviation of that pixel and the root of the sample size (N = 764). Any pixel that does not confirm this condition will automatically be set as NaN. Rest of the pixels should be pcolor mapped :)
Any feedback from you will be much appreciated!!

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KSSV am 25 Mai 2023
A = rand(1100,800,764) ;
mu = mean(A,3) ;
sigma = std(A,[],3) ;
idx = mu >= sigma/sqrt(764) ;
h = pcolor(idx) ;
h.EdgeColor = 'none' ;
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Ashfaq Ahmed
Ashfaq Ahmed am 26 Mai 2023
Yes. But that is a general mean of 764 data points. Not the bootstrap one.

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