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How can I export fields from a series of .mat struct files into seperate .csv files in a loop while maintaining the field names as the new file names?

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I have a bunch of struct files inside a folder. The only files present in the folder are the .mat struct files. Each .mat file is a 1x1 struct with 8 fields, and each field is a M x 5 double (M is constant inside the same struct, varying only between struct files). Both the .mat files and the fields are named according to a code for future reference (for simplicity and confidentiality, lets say the .mat files are named like APA1470fG; APA2470fG; APA3480fG (...) and the fields are named like APA4701hJ; APA4702hJ; APA480kJ (...). I need to export each field as a separate .csv file for analysis, but I wanted to create a loop so that I wouldn't have to export each and every single one manually, as there are simply too many fields in total that need to be exported, but I also need to be careful about the file names. Just to note that the actual names for both the struct and fields are very complex, so I don't see a way to load or save files using a logical naming approach in order to keep the existing names.
So, what I wanted to make was a loop that goes as follows:
  • Load each struct from the main folder at a time;
  • Create a folder inside the main folder with the same name as the .mat struct file;
  • Save each field as a .csv file with the same name as the field and save it on the created folder.
I would deeply appreciate if anyone could help me with my problem.

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