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Ternary plot (Contour lines)

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Angshuman Podder
Angshuman Podder am 6 Apr. 2023
Hi, I am trying to draw some contour lines of a ternary phase diagram. I am currently just using closely spaced digitized points on the ternary plot. I am using the package: Ternary Plots. However, I want smooth lines connecting them. So far, I have this:
The code is:
B = readmatrix('dataset.xlsx');
close all
B1 = B*0.01; %liquidus line
fig = figure('units','pixels','position',[100 100 1000 800]);
%-- Plot the axis system
hter1=ternaryc(B1(1:188,1),B1(1:188,2),B1(1:188,3)); %phase boundaries
The dataset is here. Thanks for any help.

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