How to choose between different licenses in MATLAB Online?

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Im taking part in some online courses using Matlab. For this courses there is a license for Matlab online to work through the course. For the new course i have taken, i need to use the license, since there is 'Text Anlalytics Toolbox' included only in this one. How do i choose this license when starting Matlab online? At the moment it always starts with the license from the first course i have taken - so that i cannot proceed:
Can anyone tell me how to choose between the licenses?
best regards
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Stephan am 1 Feb. 2023
Bearbeitet: Stephan am 1 Feb. 2023
thanks for your comments.
@dpb you're right - just hoped that i missed something obvious and somebody can help me out. It doesn't seem to be the case that it's easy to solve...
@Rik i will do so - maybe interesting for other users too.

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre am 2 Feb. 2023
Can you confirm that there is an actual error message? As Isaac said, MATLAB Online should grant you access to all toolboxes you have a license for.
Please try running this code in MATLAB Online and let us know if it works.
filename = "sonnetsPreprocessed.txt";
str = extractFileText(filename);
textData = split(str,newline);
documents = tokenizedDocument(textData);
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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre am 2 Feb. 2023
Not sure, either, but glad it's now working for you.

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Isaac Bruss
Isaac Bruss am 1 Feb. 2023
Hi Stephan.
If you have multiple licenses with different toolboxes attached to your account, then you should have access to the full inclusive list of them. "Switching" licenses not not required.
Based on the screenshot you've shared, there appears to be an issue with your account. I've engaged with customer support.


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