Function to change plane of cube

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Aknur am 23 Jan. 2023
Kommentiert: Aknur am 25 Jan. 2023
Hello everyone!
Kindly ask help in function to change plane of cube in 3D. The wall will be then top and so on
Any useful documentation appreciated. I suppose I should use for loop and return function, but I dont know how to change location plane
Thank you in advance

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Nikhilesh am 24 Jan. 2023
You can use rotate function. Please have a look at the following documentation
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Aknur am 24 Jan. 2023
@Nikhilesh Thank you for your answer and for your time. This documentation is very helpful. Appreciate
Aknur am 25 Jan. 2023
@Nikhilesh kindly ask about anoter method to change plane from the wall to the top without rotation. Maybe to use for loop or return function

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