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using num2str for subplot titles

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mehra am 18 Jan. 2023
Beantwortet: Alan Stevens am 18 Jan. 2023
Hello guys
In my code I need to have varying subplot titles like Q1S1, Q1S2 and Q1S3 (respectively for subplot 1 to 3 (first row)) ,I am using the following code but it seems there is some thing missing that I get error: Incorrect number of input arguments
Any Idea what I am missing?
for k=1:3
title('Q1S', num2str(k)) % the output I want is Q1S1, Q1S2 and Q1S3
ylabel('water depth($m$)','interpreter','latex','fontsize',10);

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Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens am 18 Jan. 2023
title(['Q1S', num2str(k)])
i.e. enclose the two terms within square brackets.

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