How to implement customised loss function in patternnet (pattern recognition neural network)?

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I am trying to implement my own loss function in the second hidden layer for multiclass classification problem. can anyone tell me how to start with.
I am aware of how to increase the hidden layers but not about implementing lossfunction assisted hidden layer.
Thanks in advance

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Mandar am 23 Jan. 2023
I understand that you want to define custom loss function.
Refer to the following documentation link to know more about implementation of the custom loss function.
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RAJA SEKHAR BATTU am 25 Jan. 2023
@Mandar Thank you for the answer
I am aware of this link. I am trying to implement a custom loss function
when I change the loss function from cross entropy to my custom loss function
Its not working but giving error not enough input arguements
Can you provide any example of custom loss function for classification using patternnet or feedforwardnet
many thanks

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