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pick an object using spatial contact force

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christina maher
christina maher am 13 Dez. 2022
Beantwortet: Vidip am 1 Dez. 2023
hello, i am implementing pick and place for 3prr delta robot on simulink, like 3rrr delta robot on library made. i put spatial contact force between end effector and red part and points on each of them, when i give it - 20 force for picking up part when end effector approaches it, the part bounces up and down the end effector. i donot understand what 's wrong or why it bounces up and down.Any help, i would be thankful.

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Vidip am 1 Dez. 2023
I understand that you are facing issue with the bouncing behaviour you're observing in your Simulink model of a 3-PRR delta robot while picking up a part, it is likely due to the nature of the spatial contact force and the stiffness of the robot's structure.
When the end effector applies a downward force (-20 N) to the part, the contact force pushes the part up. However, the stiffness of the robot's structure causes the end effector to recoil slightly, reducing the downward force. This creates a feedback loop where the end effector repeatedly pushes the part down, causing it to bounce.
Try reducing the magnitude of the downward force applied by the end effector. A smaller force will still be sufficient to pick up the part but may help reduce the bouncing tendency.
You can refer the below documentation to get basic idea of how to pick and place robot using forward and inverse kinematics:


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