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Add Framevariables error in kinematicsolver class

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christina maher
christina maher am 6 Nov. 2022
Kommentiert: Varun am 22 Jan. 2024
i am using 3 prr delta robot, i am modyfying on delta robot library, i have an error of the base path must specify the full path to a frame port of a simscape multibody block in the model, if the path refers to a frame port on a subsystem block, the port name must match the name of the corresponding port connection.... the name is the same and also the path, the problem i think is in creating the base and follower in my model, i donot know what is wrong???
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Varun am 22 Jan. 2024
Hey, I tried to run the model you shared on my system but I got an error message stating the MATLAB file "inverse_use_DataFile1.m" could not be found. I don't think I can reproduce the error without the file!

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