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Does NI-DAQ support standalone deployment?

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Dave am 16 Mär. 2015
Beantwortet: Sam Walder am 18 Feb. 2019
So, here's the issue I'm having:
I've written and tested a GUI that reads from an NI USB-6009 adapter. This program works on my Windows 7 PC, with MATLAB both 2015A and 2014B, and I've installed the NI-DAQmx 14.0 driver.
The problem is, it's not working on the laptop that I ultimately have to deploy the application to. I compiled the GUI on my PC, and then installed it and the MCR on the laptop (running Windows 7), and the same NI-DAQmx 14.0 driver as well.
When I run the GUI as a standalone on my PC, it still works. But it doesn't even detect NI as a vendor when I try to run the standalone on the laptop, even though NI-MAX and Windows both detect the USB-6009 device. So, my question is, is there any incompatibility with the MCR and DAQ toolboxes that would cause this?
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Dave am 16 Mär. 2015
Addendum: Both computers running x64 architecture.

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muhammet balcilar
muhammet balcilar am 13 Nov. 2015
Bearbeitet: muhammet balcilar am 15 Nov. 2015
i had the same problem and i didnot solve with Matla2015, but i solved with using Matlab2014a. But Matlab 2014a had an other problem. First of all you have to comment out line 61 to line 65 in MATLAB\R2014a\toolbox\daq\daq\+daq\+ni\AnalogInputVoltageChannel.m file. it must be
% Set the Coupling
%[status] =
% taskHandle,...
% obj.PhysicalChannel,...
and then you have to compile all your code again with Matlab2014a. It will work.

Sagar Patil
Sagar Patil am 13 Okt. 2017
Hi there,
I am trying to get NI DAQ support in my standalone application as well but not able to do so, not even with standalone deployed in my PC with MATLAB installed. Do we have to add any additional files during application compiler?
Please help!
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Sagar Patil
Sagar Patil am 13 Okt. 2017
Bearbeitet: Sagar Patil am 13 Okt. 2017
Ohh...wait...I just included the whole "daq" folder into my additional fiels during compilation from the folder below and was able to read from DAQ with my standalone application. Below is the folder location:
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2017a\toolbox\daq\daq
Is this the way to do it or am I including lot of files? Please let me know. Appreciate your help!

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Sam Walder
Sam Walder am 18 Feb. 2019
I had the same issue in my application - the DAQ would connect and work in the full Matlab environment, but not in the compiled application. I resolved the issue by making sure to update everything in NI MAX on both the development and deployment machines. I am not sure why this was an issue - but it fixed it for me.
It may be useful to note that there are some similar questions on this topic on the forum:


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