Hello! How to make for loop for cycle calculation using previous coordinates to calculate next one, etc

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Hello! I am trying to apply for loop. I have x0, y0, z0 coordinates and wrote a function to calculate next x1, y1, z1
I need to make for loop and the previous calculated result of x1, y1, z1 will be considered for the next cycle ( instead of x0, y0, z0) and so on (x2, y2, z2 will , number of cycle will be 5. I tried to do it. Could you please help me with my code. Thank you in advance
function [x1, y1, z1, F] = reflection(x0,y0,z0, Theta, Phi)
And here is my for loop attempt
x0 = 1.5;
y0 = 1.5;
z0 = 3.0;
for ii=1:10
r1 = 1i;
r2 = 1i + 1;
reflection(x(ii), y(ii), z(ii));
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi am 13 Okt. 2022
You can call the function in a loop -
x0 = [1.5 zeros(1,10)];
y0 = [1.5 zeros(1,10)];
z0 = [3.0 zeros(1,10)];
for ii=2:11
r1 = 1i;
r2 = 1i + 1;
[x0(ii),y0(ii),z0(ii),~]=reflection(x0(ii-1), y0(ii-1), z0(ii-1));
However, the function requires 5 inputs, of which 2 are missing from the function call above (Theta, Phi)
Also, what is the significance of r1 and r2 in the for loop?

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David Hill
David Hill am 13 Okt. 2022
H,d,A,B,E,F are all constant, therefore your could do all iterations at once.
x = 1×5
5.1742 8.8485 12.5227 16.1969 19.8712
y = 1×5
5.1742 8.8485 12.5227 16.1969 19.8712
z = 1×5
-4.3485 -11.6969 -19.0454 -26.3939 -33.7423
function [x, y, z] = reflection(x,y,z, Theta, Phi,n)%n=number of iterations
H = 3;
d = H /cos(Theta);
A = (sind(Theta)* H)/cosd(Theta);
B = (sind(Phi)* sind(Theta)* H)/cosd(Theta);
E = cosd(Phi) * sind(Theta)* H/cosd(Theta);
F = (sind(Theta) * H/cosd(Theta))/sind(Phi);
x = x + n*B;
y = y + n*E;
z = z - n*F;

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