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How do you make a label for a point on a plot separate into multiple lines?

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Please do not send the matlab help page for text as an answer, I have reviewed that form and it does not address the question I am asking. I have a figure I am plotting that has one point on the plot labeled. The label is one line but I want to separate the label into two lines. The code I am using is below.
txt = ['f=' num2str(f_Trim(indMaxAmp(ii))) 'Hz','P1=' num2str(maxAmp(ii)) 'dB'];
xname = f_Trim(indMaxAmp(end));
yname = maxAmp(end);
I have also tried using txt = {'f=' num2str(f_Trim(indMaxAmp(ii))) 'Hz','P1=' num2str(maxAmp(ii)) 'dB'};
but this plots each value on a different lines, so a total of 6 lines.

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Star Strider
Star Strider am 12 Okt. 2022
Use sprintf instead —
ii = 1;
indMaxAmp(ii) = 24;
maxAmp(ii) = 42;
txt = sprintf('f = %.3f Hz\nP1 = %.3f dB', indMaxAmp(ii), maxAmp(ii));
xname = 0.3;yname = 0.7;

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